Hello, were Foossa.


We are a creative consultancy that works for and with communities to tell stories, design services, and build new forms of shared value.


Whats a Foossa?

Like our namesake, the fossa (spelled with one “o”), a mongoose-like animal from the island of Madagascar, we are small, but fierce.

We are a team of communicators, designers, researchers, strategists and teachers. We speak seven languages and have worked on five continents.

What We Do

Our work takes the form of communications campaigns, events and other transformative experiences, as well as designs for new programs, services, and business models.

Our approach is collaborative and community-centered. While our clients hire us as outside experts and service providers, we also do our best work when we function as facilitators of integrated teams.


Why We Do It

Our ultimate goal is to change behaviors and shift cultures. This means starting with empathy, embracing recently-possible technologies, constantly learning, and staying focused on the long-term.

How We Do It

Together with startups and multinationals we design the future of finance, health, media, and communications.

Together with schools and universities we design the future of education.

Together with governments, non-profits, and global bodies we create responses to poverty, inequality and violence and open up new channels for citizen participation.

Together with local residents we reimagine our public services and shared spaces.