#FoossaFinds - 15 October 2014

Our Wisdom Hackers series launched this week. Would you kindly subscribe? There are quite a few essays I think you might enjoy - British Novelist Anna Stothard talking about her love of objects (and first kiss), Journalist Nathan Schneider's musings on social movements, and Foossa’s own Lee-Sean Huang on the thinking body and going beyond office ergonomics. All rather thought provoking. You can subscribe here, and also check out the audio recordings of our panel discussion with Wisdom Hackers seekers in New York last month. 

We also invite you to join us for the UX for Good Redesigning Museums for Good event all day Friday at the Queens Museum. Tickets still available here


@petewarden - Nerd Culture is destroying Silicon Valley

@AnilDash - It’s time for Asian American men to stop being the “Model Minority” in tech.

@ochreisstory - Human Rights Watch: Driving Change, Visually


@dodo - The Anti-Poaching Drones of the Future