October 2015 Newsletter

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Rising Minds: Community-Centered Design & Storytelling for Action 
Wednesday, October 14, 9-10 am, Soho House NYC
How do we facilitate diverse groups to craft their stories, share them, and spark real-world social action? Lee-Sean Huang, cofounder and creative director of Foossa, will share about his creative approach, focusing on his recent collaboration with UX for Good and the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Coffee and pastry will be served. Register for FREE here.

GIVNYC 2015, presented by Givkwik
Tuesday, December 1, Impact Hub NYC
GIVNYC 2015 is a live participatory philanthropy event taking place in New York City on Giving Tuesday (December 1) later this year. We are looking for non-profits to participate and showcase their work. Learn more about partnerships here.

Transformative Storytelling Class
Monday, December 14, 7-9 pm, Centre for Social Innovation, NYC
Join Foossa’s Lee-Sean Huang in uncovering the narrative structures and strategies used by social change practitioners and entrepreneurs for building community and inspiring action. Register today and use code Huang25 to get 25% off. 

Recent Appearances

Foossa's David Colby Reed recently presented about community-centered design at the Service Design Global Conference at The New School. In the photo above, DCR is presenting the Inzovu Curve, an output of our collaboration with UX for Good and the Kigali Genocide Memorial. The Inzovu Curve maps a prototypical journey of a person going through the transformative experience of a museum reaching a state of motivation and action.

In September, Lee-Sean was on a panel about the Future of the Sharing Economy hosted by Be Social Change at ?What If! Innovation partners. Other panelists included representatives from MiLES, MeetUp, Airbnb NYC, and Sailo.

Recent Publications

An Immigrant Asks: Lee-Sean's poetic response in the Huffington Post to the current political rhetoric around immigration in the US and Europe

A Bronx Tech Tale: A story about innovation in tech education and job creation from the birthplace of hip hop

Phnom Penh, City Interrupted: Kris Hartley, Foossa's researcher-at-large, writes a dispatch from the Cambodian capital

Private Storytelling Lessons

Looking to sharpen your storytelling skills? Foossa co-founder Lee-Sean Huang is now accepting new students for one-on-one coaching and mentoring in person or via Skype.

I specialize in helping change-makers, social entrepreneurs, start-up founders, as well as established executives craft their personal and organizational stories for inspiring their communities to action.

I have been teaching this material at classes with Be Social Change, Un-School of Disruptive Design and Social Innovators Collective, as well as at universities like School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, and Cornell University. My private sessions offer students the opportunity to get deep into applying transformative storytelling to their own work.

Email at us hello@foossa.com to schedule a free consultation.