Jan/Feb 2016: DoTank, Designing Financial Empowerment, Visual Storytelling, New Design Firms, & Griot Good

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The miLES Do Tank is an action-oriented design thinking course, tied to a challenge to translate learnings into local impact. In collaboration with Foossa, Makeshift, NYU Design for America, and Tenement Museum, the Do Tank cultivates a group of people with varied skillsets to work together on a real-world issue, from collaborative ideation to collaborative creation. This 14-weeks program for young professionals and graduate students is facilitated by experts from Foossa, IDEO, Makeshift, NYU Design for America, miLES and more.

For Spring 2016, the theme of the Do Tank is “Borders, migration, immigration”. Around the world, and right here in NYC, a city shaped by people from every corner of the globe, lines continue to be drawn between “us” and “them,” even when “they” are part of “us”. How can we create an inclusive community that recognizes and appreciates the stories and contributions of our neighbors, regardless of where they come from? How can we encourage inclusive communities? The primary challenge is : “How might we break down boundaries and foster connection?”

Together with our beneficiary, the Tenement Museum, we invite you to rally your community of Creatives, Strategists, Designers of all stripes (UX, graphic, etc.), Social Innovators, Community Activists, and Immigration Experts to collectively learn the tools and methods needed to prototype and co-create a solution with a local impact.

Only limited spots and need-based scholarship available: DoTank.city 

Designing for Financial Empowerment

We have partnered with Designing for Financial Empowerment (DFE) and the DESIS Lab at Parsons in a new research and co-design project looking into ways to improve outcomes for clients of New York City's free financial counseling services.

If you have any experience with these services, or would like to get involved in the research, please drop us a line: hello@foossa.com.  

Visual Storytelling Workshop

Visual Storytelling - Foundational Skills of Digital Communication & Design
Monday, February 22,  7-9 pm at the Centre for Social Innovation in Chelsea, New York City

Use code Huang25 for 25% off.

New Design Firms

Foossa partners Lee-Sean Huang and David Colby Reed are teaching a class on New Design Firms at Parsons School of Design this semester.

We invite you to join us on the journey on the class Medium blog

Griot Good

Foossa's Lee-Sean Huang and Sophia Chang have soft-launched a new side project, Griot Good, a channel about global food, culture, travel, and storytelling with a Taiwanese slant. 

We recently released the first episode of our debut season. Follow us onYouTube and Instagram to stay in the loop.