Experience Capoeira with Lee-Sean "Macarrão" Huang

Experience Capoeira with Lee-Sean "Macarrão" Huang


TAP-NY member Lee-Sean Huang, known by his nickname "Macarrão" (Noodle) in the capoeira world, will teach a special one-hour introduction to capoeira on Sunday, April 24 from 4-5 pm at the New York Capoeira Center in the Lower East Side.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art disguised as a dance. Influenced by a blend of martial arts and dances from diverse African cultures, capoeira was practiced as a hidden, playful game to fool the slave owners. Join us for an hour of fun, fitness, and an introduction to Afro-Brazilian culture. We will learn some of the basic movements, kicks, and acrobatics of capoeira, and practice our new moves with partners. No previous dance or martial arts experience is necessary. All are welcome.  

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Lee-Sean has been practicing capoeira at the New York Capoeira Center since 2010, and has been teaching since 2013. Outside of capoeira, he is the co-founder and creative director of Foossa, a community-centered strategy and design consultancy, he and also teaches design at the School of Visual Arts, NYU, and Parsons School of Design. In 2010, he was profiled in TaiwaneseAmerican.org's 100 Passionate People Project

Due to space constraints, class enrollment is limited to 12 people. Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another person. This event is targeted towards the TAP-NY community, but feel free to invite friends. 

To help save time and paper on the day of the class, please sign our waiver online at NewYorkCapoeira.com, and click on the "Sign our waiver" tab at the bottom of the browser. 

Please wear sweatpants or shorts that go past your knees for the class. We will be kicking and going upside-down (if you want), so short shorts are not advisable. You can wear any T-shirt or tank top. We usually train barefoot, but if you have sensitive feet, you are welcome to participate with indoor gym shoes.