Liz Gallo - "Arctic Hare"

Whether developing her own projects or strategizing with brands, Liz brings a passion for creative technology to every endeavor. Her work falls into three areas, digital marketing strategy, promotion and artist representation, and digital content and art. 

Combining technology and creativity, she maintains a tumble-blog, Art of the Party Girl, writes spoken word poetry, and has developed interactive art.  A content creator at heart, this fall she will launch the prototype for her first audio e-book combining spoken word and visual representation. These projects provide the test ground for the digital content and strategies she develops for media clients.

Collaborating with Piehead Inc. and Jumpwire Media, she worked closely with content creators, producers, management and other divisions of media companies to use digital media to bridge the gaps between departments and key stakeholders. She spearheaded the development of a Social Media Handbook and has trained media companies such as Corus Radio and Riviera Broadcasting on emerging platforms acting as an evangelist for new technologies.

Having lived, studied and worked abroad as well as graduated with a master’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Liz brings global insights to creative technology. 

Catch her at shows, events, and parties, relaxing with her cats, watching the NFL and the NBA, or traveling between New York and Toronto. Always ready to try the newest thing and push the boundaries of what is possible.