Joseph Kwesiga - "Mr. Fox"

Joseph is an associate at Foossa. He is a master’s student at the School of Visual Arts studying Design for Social Innovation. His experiences ranges from branding, identity and strategy design to mapping and visualization.

Joseph holds a bachelor of the arts degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, majoring in architecture and minoring in fine arts. His most recent projects have been strategy, design and branding with L’Oreal Matrix division, social media and storytelling with miLES, and branding, storytelling, and content generation for the New York Capoeira center.

Joseph also has experience with grant writing for an after-school program that provides exposure to arts and creative education by targeting opportunities in music, fine arts, dance, and filmmaking. It aims to foster opportunities for the youth in low-income neighborhoods to pursue their aspirations in the arts.

Joseph comes from a diverse background. He is a Ugandan citizen born in Kenya. He has traveled extensively around Africa and Europe. His passions are music, dance, and volleyball. He also holds a keen interest in physics. In short, an active spirit with a cunning mind. Intrigued by the unknown and constantly drawing inspiration from innovations of the sciences.