Publications & Presentations

In reverse chronological order:

WORKSHOP: Design Thinking for Applications Development and Knowledge Management. ILTACON 2016 (with Mary Abraham)

ARTICLE: How To Create Social Change: 3 Expert Storytelling Techniques, Globe Sprouting

PRESENTATION: Designing for Community, Global Service Design Conference NYC

KEYNOTE: Design Challenges at the Rwandan Genocide Memorial, Soho House NY

ARTICLE: Imaginary Islands & Neo-Tribalists, Medium

ARTICLE: City Dispatch: New York City, The City Tribune

ARTICLE: A Bronx Tech Tale, Huffington Post

ARTICLE: Monetizing Neighborliness, Huffington Post

WORKSHOP: Building Networks for Good, CAPS 2015 Networked Social Responsibility, Brussels

WORKSHOP: On Communication, Un-Schools Summer Fellowship, New York City

BOOK CHAPTER: What’s Strategy Got To Do With It?, Social Good Guides

ARTICLE: #WeWashing: When "Sharing" Is Renting and "Community" Is a Commodity, Huffington Post

ARTICLE: #Selma50, Storytelling Strategies and Social Change, Huffington Post

WORKSHOP: Transformative Storytelling at Smart Impact, Mexico City

KEYNOTE: On Creative Perspectives, Impacto The Future of Business, São Paulo

EBOOK: The Thinking Body, Wisdom Hackers/The Pigeonhole -
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ARTICLE: The Case for 'Free Range' Knowledge Workers, Huffington Post

PANEL: Wisdom Hackers New York City Panel Discussion

ARTICLE: Art and Activism Lessons with André Cymone, HuffPost

PANEL: The Future of Community, Internet Week NY

MAKERS INSTITUTE CLASS: What's Strategy Got To Do With It?

TOOLKIT: League of Intrapreneurs Toolkit: "Unlocking Resources"

PANEL: Intrapreneurship Clinic: How can we rally communities of support for game-changing innovation?

WORKSHOP: The Taiwanese American Movement, Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association West Coast Conference @ UCLA

ARTICLE: Rebrand Your ‘Hood for Good, GOOD Magazine

ARTICLE WITH JEREMY HEIMANS: What structures really change the world?,

PRESENTATION & PAPER: Meu Rio, International Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Local Activism, AIGA Geographics Conference, Honolulu

WORKSHOP: Designing Movements, Social Enterprise Bootcamp, New York City

WORKSHOP: Introduction to Strategy for Changemakers, The Social Innovators Collective and General Assembly, New York City

WEBINAR: Designing Participatory Movements, School of Visual Arts

ARTICLE: 4 Lessons From The Social Innovation Hotbed Of Brazil, Fast Co.Exist 

PRESENTATION & SOCIAL MEDIA: Global Livable Resilient City Network Conference, Bellagio, Italy 

PRESENTATION & FACILITATION: DIY Economy Retreat, Asheville, North Carolina

PRESENTATION: You are a Cultural Agent, UX for Good, New Orleans

ARTICLE WITH JEREMY HEIMANS: Join the Insurgency Against the Jobs Crisis, The Huffington Post 

WORKSHOP WITH CHERYL HELLER: Accelerating Social Innovation Through Design, Net Impact Conference, Portland

PRESENTATION: Funding 21st Century Movements and Campaigns, Grantmakers for Youth, Children & Families National Conference, San Francisco 

PRESENTATION: Start with a Circle: Musings on Movement Design,, New York City

PRESENTATION: It’s Cool to be Flat, Ignite NYC, New York City 

TEXTBOOK CO-EDITED WITH NICHOLAS DIBIASE: Freedom vs Security: The Struggle for Balance, International Debate Education Association