Our Team

Lee-Sean Huang - "Monkey Mastermind" 

Lee-Sean is the cofounder and creative director of Foossa. As a designer and strategist, he has devoted his career to working with social enterprises, non-profits, and communities to create transformative experiences for positive social change. He has collaborated with organizations including: Purpose, Avaaz.org, Human Rights Watch, the SEIU, The Tenement Museum, Creative Commons, Made in the Lower East Side, and Afro Brazil Arts.

Lee-Sean has written about networked media and participatory social innovation design in publications like Fast Company, GOOD Magazine, and the Huffington Post. He also co-authored the political science textbook “Freedom vs. Security: The Struggle For Balance.” Lee-Sean has taught at the School of Visual Arts, the College of Staten Island, General Assembly, and on Skillshare.com. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Mycelium School. He holds a bachelor's degree in Government from Harvard and a master's degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University.

Outside of his work at Foossa, Lee-Sean enjoys cooking and capoeira. 

Lee-Sean's Publications & Media


David Colby Reed - "Wise Owl"

David manages Foossa's business operations and strategy practice. In his project work, David combines insights from the behavioral sciences, economics, and user research. Much of his work concerns building inclusive financial services in the US and abroad, and, to do so, he has worked to bridge the public, private, and social sectors.

David has advised regulators in Africa and Asia on using mobile phone-based financial services to promote financial inclusion, and analyzed the impact of proposed regulations. For private companies, he has researched the ways in which regulatory environments influence the features of financial instruments in emerging markets.

David has designed and evaluated programs promoting social change, and is experienced in aligning an organization’s efforts with its desired outcomes. He has helped to develop a model of financial advising for low-income New Yorkers that was later adopted by New York City’s Office of Financial Empowerment. He has also developed and taught courses in research design and performance management. David studied cognitive science at Harvard University and public policy and management at New York University.



Joseph Kwesiga - "Mr. Fox"

Joseph is an associate at Foossa. He is a master’s student at the School of Visual Arts studying Design for Social Innovation. His experiences ranges from branding, identity and strategy design to mapping and visualization.

Joseph holds a bachelor of the arts degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, majoring in architecture and minoring in fine arts. His most recent projects have been strategy, design and branding with L’Oreal Matrix division, social media and storytelling with miLES, and branding, storytelling, and content generation for the New York Capoeira center.

Joseph also has experience with grant writing for an after-school program that provides exposure to arts and creative education by targeting opportunities in music, fine arts, dance, and filmmaking. It aims to foster opportunities for the youth in low-income neighborhoods to pursue their aspirations in the arts.

Joseph comes from a diverse background. He is a Ugandan citizen born in Kenya. He has traveled extensively around Africa and Europe. His passions are music, dance, and volleyball. He also holds a keen interest in physics. In short, an active spirit with a cunning mind. Intrigued by the unknown and constantly drawing inspiration from innovations of the sciences.


Sophia Chang - "Lucky Lioness"

Sophia is Foossa's West Coast Partner and Storybrand Expert, and shows companies how to leverage their stories to tap into the heart of customers. With three decades on stage, screen and speaker platforms, Sophia trains executives to deliver natural, effective speeches and presentations.

After graduating from Harvard at the age of 20, Sophia worked as a film and television actor and became the world's first iPod model. Her plays and solo shows have been produced on both coasts and she is the recipient of the ABC/Disney Scholarship for Dramatic Writing. She has led writing workshops, moderated and spoken on panels, and presented at every venue from colleges like Cornell to theatre groups like Peeling Bananas.

Founder of Wise Child Coaching, Sophia has spent a decade helping high school students get into their dream college. Her techniques don't rely on selling - but on authenticity and great writing. As a personal coach and workshop leader, Sophia empowers her clients to get specific by embodying their stories in the realm of finances, relationships, personal development, health and career. Find out more about Storybrand and Wise Child at sophiachang.com.


Luisa Covaria - "Gucamaya"

Luisa is an interaction designer, animator and filmmaker.  Her work focuses on creating interactive storytelling experiences that span across mobile, online and physical platforms. She is particularly interested in creating conversational spaces that allow for audience participation through multimedia content sharing. She has worked with various NGO’s and boutique agencies designing user experience and advising clients on digital strategy. 

Previously, she has worked in Colombia, China, India and New York leading participatory video projects with youth in marginalized communities and producing her own documentaries. Her films and installations have been exhibited in the U.S, Korea, India, China and Colombia. Luisa is a United World College graduate, holds a BA from Middlebury College and an MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Her work on digital media and social entrepreneurship won her a Davis scholarship in 2005 and a Reynolds Fellowship in 2011. 

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Liz Gallo - "Arctic Hare"

Whether developing her own projects or strategizing with brands, Liz brings a passion for creative technology to every endeavor. Her work falls into three areas, digital marketing strategy, promotion and artist representation, and digital content and art. 

Combining technology and creativity, she maintains a tumble-blog, Art of the Party Girl, writes spoken word poetry, and has developed interactive art.  A content creator at heart, this fall she will launch the prototype for her first audio e-book combining spoken word and visual representation. These projects provide the test ground for the digital content and strategies she develops for media clients.

Collaborating with Piehead Inc. and Jumpwire Media, she worked closely with content creators, producers, management and other divisions of media companies to use digital media to bridge the gaps between departments and key stakeholders. She spearheaded the development of a Social Media Handbook and has trained media companies such as Corus Radio and Riviera Broadcasting on emerging platforms acting as an evangelist for new technologies.

Having lived, studied and worked abroad as well as graduated with a master’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Liz brings global insights to creative technology. 

Catch her at shows, events, and parties, relaxing with her cats, watching the NFL and the NBA, or traveling between New York and Toronto. Always ready to try the newest thing and push the boundaries of what is possible. 


Kris Hartley - "Bull Marketer"

Kris holds a dual appointment as Foosa's Senior Research Associate and Eminent Scholar of Practice, focusing on strategic planning and organizational strategy with respect to public-private sector relations. He is also a researcher and PhD student at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of the National University of Singapore. 

Kris has been involved with consulting and research engagements in a variety of contexts, from mortgage crisis policy intervention and community empowerment initiatives to earthquake recovery planning. He has also worked for the U.S. Government in efforts to audit financial institution bailouts (2008), and for the New Zealand central government on state housing asset management strategy and transportation policy. Additionally, he has experience researching the economic impact of public and private industrial estate development in Thailand, and has most recently researched and reported about the economic impacts of post-earthquake nuclear energy policy in Japan. 

Kris's research interests focus primarily on urban planning and economic development as policy tools for regional and global competitiveness, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia. Kris holds a BA in Classics from the University of Tennessee, an MBA from Baylor University, and a Master of City Planning in Housing, Community, and Economic Development from the University of California, Berkeley.


Joseph Gualtieri - "The Iridescent Tanuki"

Joseph is Foossa's man in Hong Kong, working as a writer, researcher, and creative advisor. Joseph was born and grew up in upstate New York. Since earning a degree in English literature at Fordham University, he has worked variously as a busboy, private tutor, songwriter, animal laboratory technician, university instructor, copywriter, film extra, and as a semi-professional vagabond.

After living in New York, Germany, and the Philippines, Joseph moved to Hong Kong in 2011 to pursue postgraduate studies in geography and literature. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong and an editor at Plug magazine. He has published academic research on geographical perception; travel writing and travel theory; and queer identity in Hong Kong.