Our Team

Foossa consists of a core team and an extended network of collaborators who enable us to scale our capacity and impact. 

We are always looking to connect with new collaborators. Please contact us for partnership and career opportunities.


Lee-Sean Huang Monkey Mastermind

Lee-Sean Huang
Monkey Mastermind

David Colby Reed Wise Owl

David Colby Reed
Wise Owl


Our Network

Meet some of our individual and organizational collaborators

Lauren Atkins Playful Goat

Lauren Atkins
Playful Goat

Sophia Chang Lucky Lioness

Sophia Chang
Lucky Lioness

Liz Gallo Arctic Hare

Liz Gallo
Arctic Hare

Joseph Gualtieri Iridescent Tanuki

Joseph Gualtieri
Iridescent Tanuki

Brock LeMieux Knowmad

Brock LeMieux

Kris Hartley Bull Marketer

Kris Hartley
Bull Marketer

Robb Nanus Red Panda

Robb Nanus
Red Panda

Joseph Kwesiga Mr. Fox

Joseph Kwesiga
Mr. Fox

Dani Sanchez Elephant

Dani Sanchez