Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method and a mindset that starts with an understanding of human needs and motivations to define, frame and solve problems.  

Organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to non-profits and governments have used design thinking to innovate new products and services that better address the needs of their customers and stakeholders. The Design Value Index (DVI) has found that companies that integrate design thinking into their strategy can outpace their competitors by as much as 228%.

We teach design thinking workshops for teams ranging from 4 to 40+ people.

We also offer mentorship and training to help leaders already familiar with design thinking to become advocates and facilitators.

Learn the methods and mindsets for your team to thrive in rapidly changing times. Our workshops introduce the fundamentals of design thinking and also address specific design, strategy, or innovation challenges. These bespoke trainings can range from a couple of hours for a teaser course to a week or more of immersion and hands-on learning while addressing an internal design challenge. Design thinking workshops are an opportunity to bring in diverse team members from across departments and job functions to break down silos and better understand human needs to create new opportunities and value.

We have taught design thinking at organizations including Barclays (finance), Pfizer (pharmaceutical), T-Mobile (telecommunications), Netgear (internet hardware), and the International Legal Technology Association (non-profit). We have also taught design thinking at universities such as Cornell, the Parsons School of Design, the US Military Academy at West Point, The Cooper Union, and the City University of New York.

Email us at hello(at)foossa(dot)com or use our contact form to learn more and to book a workshop.

We also offer online courses in design thinking for individuals and teams to learn at their own pace.

Design Thinking Course Bundle On CreativeLive (Online Video Course)

Want to know the secret to business innovation and relevancy? In this 3-class bundle Lee-Sean Huang, co-founder of Foossa will show you how to use design thinking to frame and solve problems to address human and business needs. You'll learn design thinking techniques to innovate and create new business opportunities, how to implement design thinking processes with your team and how to develop products and services to anticipate the needs of the future. 

Introduction To Design Thinking on HighBrow (Email Course)

In this course, you will learn the basics of the method and mindset of Design Thinking, which has been used by Fortune 500 companies and top design firms like IDEO to innovate new products and services. Design Thinking is a way for non-designers and professionals from all backgrounds to work together to solve problems and create new business opportunities. It begins with empathy and gaining an understanding of potential customers’ needs. It also provides a way to quickly and cheaply sketch and prototype concepts that can be tested and further developed. By the end of this course, you will have a basic grasp of the terminology and process of Design Thinking that will allow you to start practicing in real-world situations.

Yes, Design Thinking Is BS, And We Should Promote It Anyway    Foossa co-founder Lee-Sean Huang  weighs in  on the the debate about the value of design thinking.

Yes, Design Thinking Is BS, And We Should Promote It Anyway

Foossa co-founder Lee-Sean Huang weighs in on the the debate about the value of design thinking.