FoossaPod: Ndidi Amutah on Health Disparities & Equity

"It's so important to learn the context into which you are entering." - Ndidi Amutah

White women, black men: what's driving the difference in life expectancy between these two groups? Native American youth are dying at higher rates of suicide compared to the general population. Why? And how can storytelling, activism, and empowerment make a difference on these issues?

David Colby Reed & Lee-Sean Huang interview Ndidi Amutah about health disparities and equity and multidisciplinary approaches to deal with these issues.

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FoossaPod: Jeff Leitner on Innovation Dynamics

What can modern art museums teach us about commemorating the Holocaust? And why is legislation not enough to stop human trafficking? What are some of the recurring patterns that help us innovate by shifting behaviors, crafting culture, and making systems change?

In this episode of FoossaPod, David Colby Reed and Lee-Sean Huang talk with Jeff Leitner to explore these questions and to discuss the importance of looking at norms as a starting point for social innovation. Jeff has worked on social innovation projects in a range of sectors ranging from diplomacy, to healthcare, to education. 

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FoossaPod: Klaatch on Design for Meaningful Connections and Healthy Seniors

Loneliness kills. 

Fortune Magazine analyzed findings from 70 scientific studies. They found that loneliness, isolation, and living alone all had a significant effect on a person's risk for early death. 

Loneliness affects people of all ages, but older people are particularly vulnerable.  

In this episode of Foossapod, we hear from Meli Glenn and Adam Green from Klaatch.

Klaatch is a service that is ending loneliness among seniors. 

Klaatch removes the barriers to making meaningful connections, in-person, that create lasting change and improve healthy aging. 

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FoossaPod: Uzma Alam on Community Engagement in International Humanitarian Health

How can community engagement help humanitarian health workers save more lives? What can the humanitarian health community learn from global brands like Coca Cola and McDonalds? 

In this episode of FoossaPod, we hear from Dr. Uzma Alam, an expert in international humanitarian health and an Allies Reaching for Community Health Equity (ARCHE) Public Voices fellow with The OpEd Project and the Center for Global Policy Solutions. 

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FoossaPod: Regina Davis Moss on Wonder Woman's Black Twin Sister and Inclusion in Media and Health

What does Wonder Woman's long lost Black twin sister have to do with inclusion in the media and in public health?

Find out from our special guest Regina Davis Moss, an expert in minority women and girl’s health and an Allies Reaching for Community Health Equity (ARCHE) Public Voices fellow at the The OpEd Project.

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